About Empire Cruise Lines

Empire Cruise Lines is part of Seaway Navigation and Tours, Ltd. which is a family owned business with roots in New York. We believe strongly that the region has a tremendous amount to offer its residents and is full of surprises for visitors. The region’s rich history, beautiful scenery and extensive waterways are a national treasure, and we’re sure you will be more than delighted with what we offer. Excellent service is what Empire Cruise Lines is all about.

You will hear us on marine radio under M/V Mystère hailing on marine channel 13 (156.650 MHz) during our travels. Also, since we are a commercial maritime vessel we are required to maintain a listening watch on marine channel 16 (156.800 MHz) at all time.

The vessel was originally built in 1977 at Baldwinsville Boat Yard and served under the name of P/V Uncas in the Fulton Chain Of Lakes in the Adirondack Mountains. In 2007 she was purchased by Seaway Navigation and Tours, Ltd. After her relocation she was stripped to her shell plating. She underwent significant upgrades and modifications and retrofits. These upgrades brought her up to date with US Coast Guard regulations in effect in 2008.

Her first 3 years, she sailed about the Erie Canal near Brewerton New York making hundreds of excursions along the canal between Oswego and Sylvan Beach. She was a welcome sight along the canal with local residents who ring deck bells and waved as she glided along her course. We quickly outgrew the region and began the search for her new homeport. After many months of searching the Northeast it became obvious that with the revitalization of the riverfront and the beauty of the Hudson Valley, the City Of Poughkeepsie would be her new home port. This also represents a return of the family owners who have called Poughkeepsie, New York home for more than 40 years.

She still sails under Seaway Navigation and Tours, Ltd colors but given the importance of the region we now travel in, we established Empire Cruise Lines. Her official Documented Title is Motor Vessel Mystère but you’ll her her referred to as M/V Mystère.

She has satellite radio, CD players, all new electrical systems down to the last inch of wire,(as a measure she has more then 5 miles of wire in her hull). She has completely new lighting systems, radar, communication systems, generators, windows, carpet, rail systems and many more features. To hear more come along for one of our cruises and you can talk to the captain and senior crew members.